the story (abridged)

The Fairmeadow Farmer first fell utterly and completely in love with working with draft horses, living closer to the soil, and growing good food for good people in a way that is good to the earth through a handful of years of apprenticing on two organic vegetable farms, one in Ontario and one in Quebec. Also spending one late-winter galavanting around the backwoods of Maine learning to make maple syrup. On one of those farms, some time later, she met (and then went ahead and fell utterly and completely in love with) a boy - not a lumberjack, as her beloved grandmother once predicted she might, but a tree-planter.  Close enough!     

And now she is here, somehow fourteen years into a winding and occasionally wild farming-filled life, tucked away on a few tree-lined and gloriously flat acres in eastern Elgin County, at long last settled for a few seasons in one spot, trying to put down deeper roots. 

Amongst everything that entails, the Fairmeadow Farmer journals (rather sporadically) in this space random tales of her life, horticulture, and kitchen adventuring.  Also more specifically, information about where to find the vegetables and how to become part of the amazing community of people supporting it all!  

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