Sunday, April 29, 2018

Spring starts

Happy Sunday Farm Friends!  The sun is just coming around the spruce trees here to give the seedlings in the hobbit house some well-deserved warming after a couple of chilly nights near the lake.  Our bird feeders have seen two new hungry mouths grace us with a visit too this weekend - a house finch, and a very showy rose-breasted grosbeak.  I'm not sure who made more noises of glee when they appeared - the intrepid kitten-kitten or yours truly.  And our seed potatoes have hit the road!  Some are travelling east from central Alberta, and some are travelling west from PEI.  For some reason I'm really enjoying picturing them bumping along in their respective Canada Post trucks, getting ever closer to our little hamlet.  They will arrive this week, and if the weather looks amenable, will get plopped fairly immediately into the garden!

I promise a longer post soon....but wanted to share quickly before heading to the farm for the afternoon that we've received our market start date now....and its going to be Saturday May 12th!  On the veggie front it will be a bit of a "soft open" given the cool, grey (and let's not forget icy icy icy) weather this month slowing things down a little, but that sun is getting higher in the sky by the day now so things should start growing noticeably better.

Hope you can all enjoy a little bit of fresh air today, and looking forward to sharing more of the happenings of Fairmeadow Farm in more detail soon.  :O)


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