Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is sprung (on paper, if not totally in the out of doors yet)!

Time to wrap up the winter napping and blog hibernation I think.  :O)  We're gaining noticeable minutes of light every day!  The sun feels gloriously warm on your face when it shines and you're walking through the woods with your friend who is a dog, or while you're tapping maples in the good company of two-legged companions!  One of these days all the snow will melt, and the ground will thaw!  My mechanic just called to let me know Fairmeadow's beloved rototiller has been tuned up and is ready to go for whenever it does!

Farm planning has been really slow...but I think meaningful...over the long cold days of yore, in amongst farm-sitting and hand lending and a lot of general life ruminating.  I have many things to share with you over the next while!  Some should be very exciting (such as - at long last - details of what will be happening on the vegetable front in 2014!)...and some are reflections on a collection of tricky happenings and heart-stretching lessons that have been at the middle of things for this small farmer and farm over the last seasons, that I'm feeling increasingly compelled to share here, and that I hope you'll be interested to read about.  I continue to love nothing more than trying to recount the quirky tales of vegetable growing on a small acreage, but feel all the other bigger things connected to starting out as a greenhorn farmer (and trying to figure out life as some kind of adult-type person) are things I'd like to capture in words a little too.  It will all relate to producing perfectly round rutabagas in the end though I'm certain, so never fear!  Hope that is some kind of inspiring teaser to encourage everyone to stick around.  ;O) 

In the meantime, I wish you all a most delightful remainder of this, the 20th of March, and inaugural day of spring, 2014!  Enjoy all 12 hours and 7 minutes of daytime happening out there, while you ponder how squash can just taste so delicious in September (when there are also 12 hours and 7 minutes of daytime to be enjoyed), and then all of a sudden become so definitely less delicious in your mind on a day like today, as you rummage through your freezer deciding what to make for supper.  Peas (and dreams of the loveliness of May) it is!



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