Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring busy and twitter


So, there’s some unexpected and great news to share, everyone: Fairmeadow Farm has found a place to grow vegetables this season!  Insert boisterous dancing and whooping here (also, picture some happy, flailing Muppet arms in there for good measure)!  The fall and early winter CSA will return in October!  The Vermont cart and tiny greenhouse and hoes and harvest bins have all made the move to beautiful Oxford County!  The onions and leeks have been seeded in the field and are now awaiting some rain to pop up!  The last of the potato seed arrived yesterday, and will be in the ground as soon as the shiny new rototiller arrives this week and the weather permits!  Soil samples were mailed yesterday!

The tale of how this all came to be is a good/crazy one (some dramatic turns, a false start or two, and a whole bunch of serendipity) – definitely deserving of its own post sometime this spring.  But, for now I’ll just say that I have been yet again reminded of just how amazing the community of organic and ecological farmers in Ontario is….we are talking some truly kind, knowledgeable, generous, good-humoured people, and I count myself so, so fortunate to be surrounded by them! 

So, the new farm!  Fairmeadow’s field of veggies is tucked in the middle of Scheurman Farms, an organic dairy farm producing milk for Organic Meadow just outside of Norwich.  Get yourselves ready for the stream of photos of happy cows on grass that is sure to come this summer!  And – oh my gosh – don’t even get me started on the complete sweetness of their calves.  Heart-melting….that’s all that can be said.

I am anticipating some rather delicious things to grow in the rich silty-loam soil here, and I’m over-the-top excited for the return of the carrots, amongst all the other veggie goodness!  The brochure for the 2013 season will go out as soon as this farmer has completely caught up with her spring greenhouse and field work – but the share details will be similar to past years’ - the season will run over 12 weeks, and this year you’ll be able to pick-up your veggies in London (or St. Thomas….still confirming our western location), Toronto, and locally (either at the farm, or in Norwich/Woodstock).  I hope that many of Fairmeadow’s past members will consider being a part of things again this year – can’t tell you how much I’ve missed seeing and growing vegetables for you fabulous people, and you really do make it all possible!   And, there will be organic beef, possibly chicken and some other yummy additions available.  Get ready, and tell all your food-loving friends if you’re inclined to help spread the word about our CSA!

Think that’s it for now – I’m off to make up another batch of potting soil and start some transplants.  I’ve added a “subscribe by email” gadget to the blog to hopefully make it a little easier to follow along with tales from the farm posted there.  Also, twittering!  It’s happening – posts and pics from the field can be enjoyed by following @FairmeadowFarm.  If I can figure out how to add a link through Blogger it will happen…but alas, I have not yet been successful to-date.  Grrr…that’s all we’ll say about that!

Let’s talk more soon, okay?  Till then, happy May everyone! 

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Johanne Von Zuben said...

Hi Michelle, I'm so excited to see you back planting. I look forward to the wonderful vegetables you provide: squash, potatoes, spinach, leeks, and of course, the fabulous carrots! I'll be indulging again as soon as you let us know the price and procedure.