Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Early garden soundtrack

So, it would seem that I definitely have Muppets on the brain these days, and I don’t know why this is happening to me!  First, with the thought of Kermit limbs waving in excitement upon finding a place to farm, and most recently because of This Song, which found its way into my head last week while I was crawling along on hands and knees, literally inch by inch, in my onion and leek patch, plucking the dreaded spring weed flush from the rows.  I watched that episode of The Muppet Show as a child and remember: a) not enjoying John Denver’s singing at all (sorry, JD!); and b) wishing that I could find a melon and thistle that would sing to me in harmony because that would be amazing.

As an adult now, I have some further insights: a) you can indeed get a serious amount of work accomplished with just a rake and a hoe (seriously!  It’s a long story but I ended up having to hand-hill all of my potatoes after planting them this time around…so good job, bow rake…you got through all 3500 row feet in fine form!); and b) I cannot believe the kinship I feel with that song (can you feel kinship with a song?) at this moment!  Right down to the stone picking and rather profound reflections on tending a garden, balancing visions of what you’d like to be or could be with what is, or with what needs to be, now.  Also, feeling inspired to live a life grounded and unfettered by good work in concert with nature.  So yeah, Muppets!  Maybe this will even be the summer of the singing melon?  You never know -- could happen!

The May busy has continued over the last few weeks….potatoes planted as mentioned, and starting to pop up, an epic first round of weeding in the early garden undertaken, celeriac transplanted (thanks Orchard Hill, for the leftover seedlings!), parsnip seeded, hobbit house reconstructed and plastic patched, many flats of pumpkins and squash started and growing well (now that we’re over the frost warnings….yikes!), garden fertility plan made, unplanted land worked and worked again….and so many other odd tasks and errands accomplished and plans made that I can barely keep track of it all.  There have been many good days, and some really tough ones too…but slowly (hello, inch by inch thing again!) things are progressing, and I’m finding my rhythm here and again.

Brochure really is coming soon… this rain (finally some real water!  ½ inch and counting!) will help with that, and with the veggies.  Also coming soon: baby chicks, and turkeys, and ducks.  Photos of those fuzzy cuties, and some calves are on schedule for the next post.  But for now, you’ll have to make due with these lovelies… 

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