Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Springing forward?

Cannot believe how quickly spring seems to be unfolding here, even as winter is refusing to bow out gracefully elsewhere, much to the dismay and loss of many.  Oh, the lambies!  Not a happy situation in the rural and remote UK – having roots in the north of Ireland, and knowing a bit of what it’s like to have your feet in a field (let alone an entire hill country) where there is some serious struggle going on with your animals and livelihood, my heart really does hurt for the shepherds there right now.

On the cheerier side of the equinox though, I was farm-sitting by the lake recently and was kept completely enthralled by all the whistling swans on the move.  I’ve never heard or seen so many….seriously, we’re talking some great wedges (or games? but I think that’s more when they’re on the ground….come on, Oxford Dictionary, help a lover of lexis out a little more!) of swans.  Maybe the nicest morning alarm ever (well, as nice as a morning alarm can be for someone who is more naturally inclined to bury themselves deeper in bedding at that hour), and a pretty stunningly beautiful harbinger of warmer and longer and potential-filled days to come!  Yeah!  Let’s go, Spring…

So, it’s back to the spread-sheeting going on here.  There might be some vegetable-growing happening, so out have come the farm archives and virtual tether to the laptop in preparation and anticipation.  Any which way it goes, it’s great to be thinking about row feet of carrots, tonnage of compost, and what kind of tiller attachments might be required again.        

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