Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Beginning again

So, I'm guessing there must be a countless number of lapsed writers out there who have titled their return pieces something like "Beginning again".  Or, equally plentiful might be the folds of farmers naming their 'odes to another spring' in the same vein...but at this point I just want to get on with things here, so we're going to stick with it. Original it is not, but rather fitting it is!  Hope you can stomach it as well as I am -- which is not entirely, but my fingers are crossed that the feeling will pass!  

Anyways, hello!  It's been awhile since this this farming journal has seen any attention.  An awful lot of life and learning has happened in the last two and a half years (wow, that's the first time I've written it out, and that is, indeed, an awful lot of time!)....and for a lot of it, I wasn't just sure what to muse about, or not muse about in this space. 

It was always pretty straightforward to share simple tales and practical concerns of vegetable growing and being a greenhorn market gardener.  But what was a farmer-girl to do when she wasn’t farming (except on paper or in her head), and when the growing that was going on was almost entirely figurative, and -- though equally as intricate, exciting, minorly devastating, joyful, anxiety-inducing, heart-lifting, heart-breaking, messy and meaningful as community supported agriculture -- was much more introspective/challenging than producing a perfect potato or outwitting seed corn maggot in the pursuit of bushels of long-keeping onions (or whatever)?  So, the writing ended while I was living through and stewing about rather a lot of things, farmy and otherwise, and time passed and now we are here.

I heard another farmer (Clara Coleman, giving the keynote address at the NOFA-VT conference) recently describe the process of ‘internal composting’.  In her words: “Turning and adding, and turning some more, an accumulated mass of jumbled thoughts, feelings and other things best broken down and recycled into a wealth of emotional black gold; fertile beginnings for new growth and exploration….”.  Yes!  The amazing transformation of a heap of raw manure into a heap of something much more!  Kind of exactly what I was feeling, and what needed to happen on this path of mine towards a full and vibrant life grounded in farming, food, friends and family.  Though the process continues over here (after all, no matter what kind of composting we’re talking about, it takes a lot of attention, fresh air, and most critically, time, to turn s#*t into fertile goodness!), I recognize that it’s really been happening, and I’m feeling ready and stirred to let it all see the light of day, take the leap, and try in earnest to do something productive with it! 
So, the small farm hunt is in progress: preliminary farm plans made (and reviewed and reflected-upon and revised, and revised…again); amazingly supportive and generous family holding my hands; knowledgeable and patient realtor in place; financing pre-approved; and, many a farm already walked on the way to finding “the one”…I’m going to try and share more of all of it here…  Hope there might still be some read-alongers out there!     


Captain Underpants said...

Oh my god we just today bought a house in Whitehorse! I'm dying and happy all together. I feel you, so glad you are writing again!!! I wanna see it all!!!
Xoxo marianne

Fairmeadow Farmer said...

So happy (and laughing) to see the message from Captain Underpants waiting for me this afternoon, I can't even tell you! Huge congrats, Marianne (and thanks too)! Hope you and your lovely duo get happily and cozily settled into the new northern abode soon...very, very exciting! Any and all pics welcome anytime! Will definitely write more soon. xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Glad to hear you're turning that good old compost pile!

Best of luck on the hunt,

cathy mcs said...

it's great to see that you are pursuing your farming interests....i heard that 2013 was going to be the "best growing season ever"!!!!

Fairmeadow Farmer said...

Thanks so much Cathy! Would be nice for all us SW ON folks if that prediction holds to be true. :O) Hope all is well with your flock and in your greenhouse!