Friday, February 5, 2010

(Early Spring) Greetings from Beautiful BC!

Hi everyone...happy February! Thought I would post a little update from lovely Victoria, BC where I am dog/house-sitting for my Aunt and Uncle for the next month.

Time continues to go very quickly these days - I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since our Winter Market Day! It was wonderful to see everyone who came out to the farm, and happily helped (by taking veggies home) to empty the root cellar! Yay! The only sad consequence, is that the five (hungry) piggies at Orchard Hill will have to make due with a very limited selection of salad this winter as a result. Poor little piggies! Hope you are all enjoying the last few carrots and potatoes (and lbs of cabbage!) of last year though, and, that contrary to what our little furry friend in Wiarton decided earlier this week, spring (and the start of the Orchard Hill season) won't feel too far away.

Last weekend we were all off to Guelph for the annual Organic Conference weekend there. It is always a good chance to attend workshops on various topics related to farming and market gardening, and to catch up with other growers. On the Friday afternoon, Martha and I attended a session on "Pete's Greens", a large organic farm in Vermont growing vegetables (and offering other yummy things like bread and cheese) year round for between 250 and 350 member families. I'm not sure this small farmer would ever enjoy managing such a complex garden, but I learned a lot that can be applied on a smaller scale, including how they grow shoots/sprouts through the winter, which is something I'd be interested in experimenting with at some point down the road!

After coming home from Guelph, it was a bit of a mad dash to organize things for a month away. There was a tizzy of activity in the kitchen as well, roasting and pureeing a squash (or two or four) for freezing in case they couldn't wait till early March to be dealt with. And now I am enjoying a bit of early spring - the crocus' are starting to bloom here, and the last two days have been sunny and around 10 degrees C. Pretty nice! The plan over the next month is to do some reflecting and planning for the longer term around farming...along with hopefully visiting a farm or two for inspiration (and to help with the feelings of farm-withdrawl!) while out here.

Hope all of you are having a good mid-winter too, and to post some pictures before too long. Ta for now!

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Daniel said...

Poor little piggies.
Would've loved to catch the Pete's Greens workshop but Em and I were on vacation!