Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter Market Day

Hello everyone - Happy January thaw!

I mentioned the possibility to some of you in December that there would be some produce "leftover" after our CSA season came to an end, and this has turned out to be true! So, since the root cellar has kept things in good shape, and it's January, when we would all do well to keep eating our veggies (local and organically-grown as they are!):

Fairmeadow Farm will be hosting a little Winter Farmers Market Day - this SATURDAY JANUARY 23rd from 11am to 2pm at the farm

If you would like to pre-order your veggies by emailing a list to me (ideally as soon as you can), that would be great and I will do my best to accomodate your preferences, depending on demand - otherwise, it will be first come, first served of what remains unspoken for.

The veggie list is as follows, along with how things will be measured (might be subject to some change):

carrots (by the lb)
potatoes (by the lb):
regular (Agria (yellow fleshed) OR Chieftan (red skinned, white fleshed))
specialty (blue &/OR all red &/OR french fingerling)
cabbage (by number but priced by the lb)
celery root (by number)
beets (either by the lb or by quart - still deciding on that one!)
winter radish (by number)
squash (by number):
mostly butternut, but a few delicata and dumpling too
garlic - very limited quantity (by number)
yellow onions - very limited quantity (by lb)
POSSIBLY spinach and/or kale - limited quantity (by bag):
(subject to the weather being cooperative)
POSSIBLY some dried beans (1 lb bags):
black or soup mix

I will post any further details on the blog this week. If you can't make it next Saturday (and can't send someone to pick-up for you), but are desperate for some veggies and could pick them up on Sunday the 24th, email me and beg for leniency and I might just give in! :O)

Hope all of you are well, and to see some of you on the weekend!

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Anonymous said...

The Weitzel Family, Jason, Bonnie & Karsten are looking forward to the winter market Michelle. Thanks again for all your hard work producing our special veggies. Our health has improved greatly since joining your CSA. We wish you all the best for the future.