Monday, December 7, 2009

Fall Photos and a Harrowing Garden Tale

It is really rather enjoyable, when everything outside is dying back, and the all the fall colours are muted, and the sky is greyTo walk down to the garden, and step into the hoophouse, to find it full of deep leafy green things that are quite content to keep growing!

Even I remain amazed, that despite the chilling wind, and ever shorter days

These hearty few vegetables hang on for us into the winter...and thank goodness!

Aside from the greens in said hoophouse, the garden is pretty well empty aside from the last leeks and carrots...which is great, as the light snow falling was beautiful this morning, but inevitably won't stay that way for long! Even Caesar isn't cavorting around Fairmeadow's fields with the same enthusiasm he had earlier this fall, although he is still managing to catch one or two mice every harvest day.

And in regards to those little pesties, I had my comeuppance last week. After a summer of delighting in their capture and torment, a fall of banishing them from the root cellar, and an afternoon of digging carrots, I was attempting to take one away from the puppy so that he would follow me up to the farmhouse (as it was getting dark) - when the fiesty beast (the mouse, not the dog) turned around and bit me right on the finger! And it really hurt! (i actually still have the little teeth marks/puncture wounds to prove it!) I understand that this is karma, fair and unrepenting, so I'm choosing to accept my fate and try to make peace with these furry foes...somehow...

In the meantime, happy late fall/early winter to one and all!

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