Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wednesday's Work Bee - Thinning Carrots!

Hello! Hope none of you got caught in yesterday afternoon's rain shower....I happened to be out in the garden, thinning carrots when it started to pour. I really wanted to finish the row I was working on, but when I noticed the rain filling up my knee-prints behind me (making a series of little lakes down the field), I thought I better quit before I completely compacted the soil! A bit of rain will be good for the veggies though (a few things were starting to look a bit droopy in the heat), and if the sun shines like it's supposed to this week, that will be all the better!

So, this week's WORK BEE is scheduled for Wednesday (Aug 12th), from 9-11 am and we'll be working on thinning the carrots (thanks to CSA members Julie and Robin for helping thin the beets already!).
When you get to the farm, drive right down the gravel lane (almost 1 km), past the row of poplars, down to Fairmeadow Farm's gardens. You should see me in the carrot patch past the large hoophouse.

If you have a pair of thin garden gloves (that will leave you with good finger dexterity) you can bring them along, otherwise all you really need are your hands! Thinning requires kneeling or sitting on the ground, so a pair of pants that can get dirty are in order as well. The weather is supposed to be sunny and warm, and thinning is quite a relaxing job so it should be a very enjoyable morning. For those of you who would like some drama on the farm, however, feel free to ask about: a) Colorado Potato Beetle; b) late blight; c) mildew (either powdery or downy); and/or d) deer. There are, of course, always joys and challenges in farming; it would seem, however, that the weather has come down in favour of the challenges this year. Good thing there are so many different veggies in the least half of them are bound to be happy!

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