Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tentative Work Bee Schedule (and a Harvest Potluck too)!

Well, it only took until July but it seems that things in the garden are finally in pretty good shape, and, dare I say it, are all caught up...for a minute or two anyways! The potatoes have had their second hilling, all the straw/hay mulch has been spread, the squash have made their debut from underneath the row cover, and everything has been weeded for another week.

Hard to believe, but the carrots and beets have all been seeded for the fall as well, and the first of the garlic will be dug this week. Garlic is ready to harvest in late July, once the leaves have started to die back. It needs to be hung in a cool, shady spot for a few weeks to cure, and then it can be stored into the winter. The variety I'll harvest first is called "Fishlake #4", which is a softneck type with a pretty reddish blush, and good storage qualities.

Below is the tentative WORK BEE SCHEDULE for the summer and fall...a chance for you to come out to the farm and see the garden, get your hands a little dirty, and hopefully have a nice time chatting with other members and your farmer amongst the plants! Some of these tasks are a bit weather dependent, so please check the blog or send me an email if it's threatening to be rainy (or a big rain has just passed). I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with anyone who can make it out, and would like to volunteer their time towards the worthwhile cause of tending their future vegetables!
Come prepared with thin garden gloves if you have them, comfortable shoes, clothes that can definitely get dirty, and knees/backs that are good enough to bend up and down, and probably kneel or sit on the ground at some point.

Saturday July 25, 1:30-4pm:
an afternoon of thinning carrots...let me tell you how exciting this is! it's pretty exciting!

Wednesday August 12, 9-11am:
more carrot and beet thinning...because it would be unfair to limit the thinning fun to just one afternoon!

Tuesday September 29, 1:30-4pm:
squash harvest! always a very satisfying effort!

Sunday October 4, 1-5pm:
potato harvest, followed by the first annual HARVEST POTLUCK! Come out to help pick-up potatoes from 1-3pm (the horses will dig them for us), and then stay for the harvest potluck supper from 3-5pm. More details to come on this one!

Tuesday November 3, 8:30-11:30am:
let the late fall harvest continue, of some combination of celery root, cabbage, leeks, carrots, parsnips, etc. we'll work away at harvesting whatever is still in the garden.

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