Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The strawberries have arrived!

Hello everyone….happy June!

This posting is to let you know that the strawberry season is upon us (yay!), and to announce that this year, Fairmeadow Farm will have its very own organically grown quarts of strawberries available for sale for $5/quart (picked lovingly each week as long as the berries last)! :O) If you’re interested in purchasing some this month (either at the farm, or in Toronto), please read on for dates and details!

If you live near the farm, the first berries will be available for sale this Saturday, June 13, and also next Tuesday, June 16. It’s hard to predict how the berries will come along – if you would like to send me an email with the number of boxes you’d be interested in taking (and perhaps even which of those days you would prefer to pick up), I will do my best to accommodate special orders. Otherwise, it will be first come first served at the farm on Saturday and Tuesday, starting anytime after 11am. If you do send me an email, I will let you know how many boxes I have once I’ve done the harvest, and what day is looking best. The address of the farm for those of you who haven’t been there before is 45415 Fruit Ridge Line. It’s on the south side of the road, between Yarmouth Centre and Quaker Roads, north of the village of Sparta if you’re looking at a map. There will hopefully be more berries available later this month as well – please email me if you’re interested in getting berry updates via email, or check the blog for details.

If you live in Toronto, the plan is to bring freshly picked berries into the city for Sunday June 21, and probably another date or two as well (either earlier that week, or sometime the following week) – it all depends on how the plants yield, and how the berries come along (and how much interest there is). Again, if you would like to send me an email with the number of boxes you might be interested in taking, I will do my best to accommodate special orders. I will let you know what day(s) I’ll be in the city as far in advance as I can, and for those of you “attached” to my Mum or Dad, you can talk with them about possibly hauling berries into their workplaces for you (the only trick is keeping the berries as cool as possible). :O) Otherwise, we’ll set up a little farm market in the Fairmeadow Farm pick-up room at 63 Fairmeadow Ave, and you can collect your berries there as usual. If there would be any interest, I could probably also bring some spinach, mesclun and herbs along as well – you can let me know in an email. I will be sure to post any info on the blog as well.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a little more rain this week (to help the berries come along), then a nice steady stretch of sunshine and warm weather for some sweet, perfectly juicy fruits!

Hope all is well with everyone, and to see you all before too long!

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