Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Very excitingly, the onion and leek seedlings are coming up well in the living room after being seeded in late March! I love watching them grow, as they emerge from the soil folded over on themselves, and then over a period of days, slowly unfurl their top halves and start reaching upwards for the light, deepening in green all the while. It looks like they're doing yoga in unison...thousands of allium babies in their own interpretation of the sun salutation. Fun!

I am trying my best not to watch them too obsessively, however, which is quite the challenge let me tell you. From where I sit at my laptop in the dining room (trying to finish off my garden planning, mapping and scheduling), there is a clear line of sight to the seedling shelves. I struggle mightily with this distraction on a daily basis - you see, there is a fine line between keeping an eye on how they're growing along, and obsessive-compulsively monitoring for any signs of change or unhappiness. My personality tends to pull me towards the latter, which is not good: a) because they seem to catch on and start to act out in rebellion; and b) because there are many other things that need attention at this time of year. I'm hoping that by admitting this tendency of mine on the blog, it might inspire me to change my ways. Or I could just move to the other end of the dining room I suppose... :O)

In other spring farm news, the next batch of potting soil is all mixed and waiting to be used to start some summer crops (tomatoes, peppers and eggplant), along with the herbs and eventually pumpkins and squash in May. On this week's to-do list are: renovating the hobbit house, taking my soil tests and working out what soil amendments are needed this spring, and getting the garden ready to start the first field work. This entails many little tidy-up jobs like collecting the row cover fabric left in the garden last fall (that had been protecting the late salad crops and herbs), picking up the rock piles (used to hold down the row cover), and flagging the areas that need to be plowed and/or cultivated this month. I will also be able to start cultivating the garlic before too long, and then mulch it with straw to help keep the soil cool and moist (just the way it likes it).

Lots to do in any event...thank goodness the days are getting longer and warmer!

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