Friday, April 3, 2009

Keep Canadian Sugar GM-Free

I'm appealing to everyone who reads the blog in the next week to PLEASE take up the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network's call to write Lantic Sugar and ask them NOT to accept GM (genetically modified) sugar beets for processing into sugar in Canada this spring.

From the CBAN website: Lantic Inc. is the only Canadian sugar company that processes sugar beet and it is the last GM-Free sugar beet processing company in North America. It is deciding now if it will accept GM sugar beets for the first time - the beets will be planted in Alberta in April. You can learn more about this issue (and how to take some simple action on it) here.

This issue is of particular importance for organic vegetable growers, as any GM-pollen contamination of table beet and swiss chard seed (which are closely related to sugar beets) would result in the loss of these crops to organic growers (and eaters). Yes, that means possibly no more organic beets or chard for anyone. Even if you are not a great fan of table beets, this issue has much broader implications for all of us - please take a minute or two to read the Ecological Farmer's Association Policy on Genetically Modified Organisms for some additional background information here.

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