Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mid-Winter Update

Somehow it is already February, and it has been a whole month since the end of our first CSA season. It doesn't seem like that long ago that the toboggan was hauling vegetables out of the snow-covered root cellar, that all of your your delightful selves were at the farm picking up your produce, and that Jasmin, Gena and I (along with the trusty sleigh) braced ourselves against the galing wind to return the washed harvest bins to the hoophouse. But, my day planner tells me that it is so (as do the balmy weather and longer days), and thus I thought it high time for a little update from Fairmeadow!

Things have remained rather busy for this farmer this winter, what with conferences (three days of the annual Guelph Organic Conference at the end of January), meetings (very excitingly, I am a new board member for the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario), chores, general farm tidy-up, and working a few days a week up at Orchard Hill Farm. But, having things to do is always good - and there has been some time for catching up with friends and family (such as my friend Eleanor, pictured below in front of the sweet corn at Ferme La Terre Bleue a few summers ago), attending some very enjoyable potlucks, and generally being domestic (which is my favourite thing to do in the winter).

This week, the planning for the 2009 garden will get underway in earnest though, as the first seedlings (onions, leeks, and celery root) will need to be started in four or five weeks. Sometime soon I will be sending out a little "Member Feedback Form" to all of you - asking for your thoughts on what you liked, didn't like, would like to see, etc. I hope you will take a few minutes to fill it out and send it back, as I really do value your input, and can definitely tinker with my garden planning for the upcoming season.

What else to report? For the most part, the animals at the farm have been behaving themselves, which is always nice. Mumma cat does wish that I would devote at least fifteen minutes every day to snuzzling with her, but alas, that just hasn't been possible. She also wishes that Caesar (Ken and Martha's incredibly adorable puppy) would just go away, but that is not going to happen either (much to her dismay, but not to mine!). The rest of this month is going to fly by, I think - with Orchard Hill's logging workshop coming up, a field trip to visit another very experienced market gardener for some advice next week, and another ecological farming conference at the end of the month. And then it will be March, and time to get growing!

Hope you are able to enjoy this mild weather while it lasts, and look forward to a few more farm updates before spring (and the growing season) officially arrives! Ta for now!

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