Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pick-Up Update for Saturday Farm and Toronto Members

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and are able to enjoy some well deserved rest and relaxation before the start of the new year!

So here is the official update for the Saturday Farm and Toronto delivery members whose pick-ups were postponed. (Though I must start again with an apology for the circumstances that necessitated the whole thing, and a very genuine thank you for your understanding)!

SATURDAY FARM MEMBERS: As the majority of members who responded said they would be happy with (or would prefer) a double share of vegetables on the January 10th pick-up (as many will be away over the next week or two), I've decided that this might just be the simplest/best option for farm management as well! So again, the next Saturday farm pick will be on January 10th, and members who missed the holiday box will receive a double share of vegetables then.

TORONTO DELIVERY MEMBERS: I am planning on getting your vegetables out of the root cellar today (Dec 27), and bringing them with me into the city tonight (or at the latest, tomorrow morning). I wasn't actually able to get to Toronto for Christmas, but better late than never I hope! I will send Toronto members an email when the vegetables and I have arrived in the city, and you will be able to come over the next few days (say between Dec 28th and Dec 31st) at your convenience, to pick-them up.

If anyone needs to get in touch over the next few days please send me an email, or you can give me a call on my cell phone (416-433-5405), or leave a message for me at home (519-773-3341).

Thank you all so much again for being as great as you are, and I hope you're all having a happy and healthy holiday.

Warmest wishes to all,

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