Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our Little Winter CSA

So, it was over the past two winters, curled up in the office of my parents' nice cozy house, that I planned this little farm.

What fun, I thought, to be working out in the garden on beautiful fall days, harvesting picture perfect root vegetables in the sun, while a gentle breeze of crisp fall air kept everything cool, and colourful leaves rustled in the background. I could wear sweaters, I thought (I love sweaters!)....maybe even a hat on chilly mornings. It would be so much nicer than slogging away in the heat and humidity of the summer...

Little did I know, however, that this Fall and Early Winter CSA would literally meet such an early winter! I was certainly surprised! (which is perhaps not so good since I'm the farmer....) :O)

In any event, I just had to post a few photos of last week's garden escapades! Thanks to Anna McFaul, Orchard Hill's intern extraordinaire, for trekking through the snow with me to find the carrots.!
Huge thanks also to the farm members who braved the elements over the last week to come help with harvest and washing! And we're talking extreme farming here!
And thanks to Ken as well for taking the photos.

These ones are definitely going in the album entitled "My First Year Farming"...
But, as you can see in the photos, we're still smiling! Farming really is fun, even if a it's a little crazy sometimes! Anything for the best CSA members around, and the veggies we all love!

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