Sunday, October 19, 2008

Toronto Delivery Details

Most of the details about what vegetables members will receive and how the Fairmeadow Farm CSA works can be found in the brochure, but here are the specific details about the Toronto deliveries:

The cost for Toronto members is $300 (which includes the delivery fee into the city), and the pick-up location will be at my parents house in North York – near Yonge St. and York Mills Rd. (if you want to look it up on a map, the exact address is 63 Fairmeadow Ave).

There are six deliveries (the dates are Nov 1, Nov 15, Nov 29, Dec 13, Dec 23 and Jan 13), and each time members will receive a variety of fresh greens (like mesclun salad mix and spinach), root and storage veggies (like onions, carrots, potatoes and cabbage), herbs and dried beans. The full list is in the brochure, and everything is grown organically at the farm by the horses and myself! :O)

Members can come to get their produce anytime after 1 pm on the pick-up day, and the vegetables will be displayed market style, so you can choose which bunch of carrots or bulb of garlic looks best to you. Really, it's almost like going to a little farmers market, except that you have paid for everything in advance. There will be some choice in which vegetables you take home each week, and what you get from week to week changes a bit so hopefully no one gets bored of anything!

The share size is geared for two adults who cook at home (or entertain), or a small family for two weeks. But of course it depends a bit on how many vegetables you eat. Recipes will be given each week to help you with ideas, and most things will store easily for that time and longer. If you like to cook ahead of time and freeze dishes or extra vegetables for later that is also a great way to use some of the produce.

You can make one full payment of $300 when you submit your membership application, or you can choose the extended payment option (which does include a $10 admin fee). With this choice, there is a $50 deposit due with the application, and then you can submit two post-dated cheques, each for $130, for any two of: today’s date, Nov 1 or Dec 1. But I can be flexible if this schedule isn’t possible for you – so if you need to talk to me about other payment options, please contact me.

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The Swiss Chard recipe is fantastic. Easy to prepare, and delicious! Judy