Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hazy (but not so lazy) Summer Days

Hello hello! Welcome to the first little summer garden update on the newly created Fairmeadow Farm CSA blog (thanks SO much to Neil Hubert for his amazing efforts at getting it up and running, and for creating such a lovely brochure for the farm too)!

It's just starting to rain here, which is going to make some potato and squash plants very happy. I can't believe that it's already July, and that more than half the garden is planted and growing along. The garlic will be ready to harvest within a few weeks, the leeks and onions are starting to bulb, and the dried bean plants are in bloom. The early carrots will be seeded sometime later this week, and the last cabbage plants should be big enough to transplant within a couple weeks also.

Hmmm....what else to report? Maybe that's it for now, but I hope to put up some pictures of the garden soon (as soon as I have some spare time to finish my roll of film and take it in for processing)! Thanks very much to everyone in Orchard Hill's CSA for all their encouragement this season, and of course to Ken and Martha for their daily help on any number of fronts (not to mention, all of the hard work of Gena, Jasmin, Gwen, Winnie, and even Zeus in the garden). Gwen did help herself to a few mouthfuls of bean plants last week, which hopefully you won't mind. She said she was particularly hungry, and really did need that mid-afternoon snack to get her through all the cultivating. I tried to tell her that in future it would be better if she could wait until dinner to eat. I'm not sure she heard me though.

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