Friday, June 27, 2008

Welcome to Fairmeadow Farm

Fairmeadow Farm is located on 4 acres of land at Orchard Hill Farm, which runs a 160 member CSA garden in the summer. It grew from a chat between Ken and Martha Laing (the Orchard Hill Farmers) and Michelle Jory (the Fairmeadow Farmer, and former Orchard Hill apprentice) one December evening in 2006. Almost all of the garden work at Fairmeadow Farm is done using draft horses, and everything is grown using organic practices that help build the soil and enhance biodiversity.

You can read a bit about the history and philosophy of Community Supported Agriculture in the posting below.
The Season: In 2008, the Fairmeadow Farm season will run for 12 weeks from the week of Oct 20th through the week of Jan 5th. Pick-ups will be every other week.

Pick-Up Locations: Produce will be available for garden members to pick up directly at Orchard Hill Farm (near Sparta), and a limited number of shares will also be delivered to Toronto (delivery details to be confirmed later this summer). For farm pick-ups, there will be two pick-up days each week, Tuesday and Saturday. Members sign up for whichever day works better for them, and can come to the farm any time between 11am and 7pm on their pick-up day to fetch their vegetables.

Share Size and Pricing: There will be one share size offered this year, which is geared to keep 2 adults who cook at home (or entertain), or a small family, nicely stocked with vegetables for two weeks. A little different than in a summer CSA, members will receive a larger quantity of produce every other week, which is intended to last them for that time, and will store easily in the fridge, or keep well in a cool, dark spot (suggestions for keeping your vegetables happy in your house will be provided!). The share price for members picking up at the farm is $250 ($260 if you choose the extended payment, see below), and for members in Toronto it is $300 for the season ($310 with the extended payment option).

Payment Options: One of the main reasons the CSA model was originally developed, with members paying for their shares up front, was to address the fact that most of the costs associated with growing produce are incurred early in the spring. It is for this reason that we ask and encourage members to pay the entire cost of their share up front, if they can.
If this is not possible, we offer an extended payment option as well. A $50 deposit is due with your application to hold your spot in the garden, along with two post-dated cheques, each for $105 if you are going to pick up at the farm, or for $130 if you’re in Toronto, dated July 1st, August 1st, September 1st, October 1st, or November 1st (choose the two dates that work best for you).

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